Writer`s Confidence In Text

You as the teacher will be able to you know give some valuable give some significant feedback to so and then also do what I try to incorporate into my writing classes is that you know the students are able to move together they’re able to talk about their writing in a comfortable way so usually I give them one question that they can use to talk about each other’s riding with and this these guiding questions help they help focus on you know making the writer proud about what they wrote and also the other people in the class feeling is though that they’ve given something important or significant to the other riders all right so here are some examples that I would give to the other students in the class to give feedback what part of your essay to your light looks easy question and give give the people working together.

Something significant to talk about and the writer to feel confident about what they wrote no one tell me more about some of the people in your name and I think this question is important because when we write especially a narrative we’re writing a story about about something that happened to us so we understand everything that happens there right but we don’t understand that the people reading our story works and that’s where that’s where some details could be left off and that’s where it’s important to get other people to help along with us why is the place where it happened important to you um you know once again if you want to you want to emphasize where it happened and why it’s important and what was your feeling during the climax so we talked about that high point the story it always when there’s that high point there’s a lot of emotions going on you’re sad you’re nervous you’re happened citing you’re anxious right and really getting someone else to try and draw these things out is very important all right.

It was the lesson learned so important because I think for me this is key to any narrative right you’re showing the events that happened but in the end you know what was important body and what did you learn from this experience alright so I don’t know how you approach this but i’m going to offer you one technique that I’ve been using for years that I think is really helpful for students in the revision stage I think when you’re getting students to revise or two right there sa again it’s really important to get them to focus on what’s important a lot of times you know you get students would just sit there like baby birds waiting for mom to come in to feed them right but what you really want to do is get them to learn themselves what they need to fix what they need to focus on so the revision is where i find it important to get the students to focus on their own right.

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