The Best Book Review Outbound Flight Part 3


The action is fast-paced and non-stop, drawing you in with well-written and descriptive details that make the scenes come to life. The attention to the minor specifics of a space battle are enough to give the reader a clear image of the immense size of the craft and space involved.

The author presents the primary characters to the reader as if it was the first time that they are introduced, with attention given to their relative size and power. Using comparisons to other characters or forces, the reader is able to picture what the characters might look like – giving them ‘life’.

With each new technology that is introduced, the author generally provides just enough related science, explained in just enough detail to allow the newly added device or creation a believable existence.

The novel easily stands alone without the rest of the Star Wars Universe to back it up since the author created this work with a definite beginning, middle, and conclusion – with just enough of a question as to whether or not there might be a sequel to clear up the twists at the end.


Overall, the editing for the novel is generally good, however the number of spelling and grammatical errors exceed the maximum we allow per review without commenting on them. Although there were less than ten errors we found, a couple of them occurred at critical moments that caused the story to stutter a bit.

At one point it is explained that Jedi Padawan must meet a certain criteria to be advanced to the rank of Jedi Knight. Furthermore, it is also clarified that the Jedi Council holds that to be a very strict rule.

But for some reason, the council allows C’baoth’s Padawan to be ranked years ahead of time, based on observations made by Obi-Wan prior to the promotion. Even with the big ‘accomplishment’ that Padawan Jinzier is involved in, the promotion seemed to push our envelope of, ah, believability.

During a big space battle where many Jedi are mind-linked together, it is hard to believe that the Jedi would not be able to detect or do anything to prevent a major attack on their position. This event was of particular concern since the leading role Jedi, Master Jorus C’baoth, is portrayed as being omnipotent and able to sense danger readily, ‘handling’ multiple events with very little effort.


94 % Editor’s Choice


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