The Best Book Review Outbound Flight Part 2

In a bid to recover the project and see it through to completion, Jedi Master C’baoth makes a deal with the Supreme Chancellor to mediate bogged down negotiations between the Corporate Alliance and the local government of Barlok. Upon the successful resolution of those negotiations, Chancellor Palpatine promises to do everything in his power to get Outbound Flight back on track.

While C’baoth negotiates, Darth Sidius is busy setting his forces in place to rid the galaxy of Outbound Flight and Master C’baoth at the same time. A fleet is dispatched to intercept the flight with orders to leave no witnesses.

But unknown to Darth Sidius, there are other civilizations within the unknown expanses and his fleet is intercepted instead. When Outbound Flight arrives on scene, hundreds of spaceships from multiple fleets are there, confounding the severely outnumbered Jedi defenders.

The enemy fleet’s guns are trained on the Jedi craft and as the bolts leap from one side of the battlefield to the other, it is not all clear which side has the upper hand. But when the Jedi weapons emplacements begin exploding, each Jedi can feel the deaths of their comrades.

And death comes to those that wait in sorrow…


This novel is incredibly hard to put down, and there are very few points where you are even able to take a ‘natural’ break from the action. All of the events taking place are packed in solidly with very limited transition time. The best part of that is that even when the author changes perspectives or moves to a different sub-plot, it is very clear ‘where’ you are, whether on a planet, a ship, or in someone’s thoughts.

The imagery provided by the author brings the people, places, and things all to life. Where new items are introduced, they are adequately backed up by enough of a background or description to make them realistic.

Although there are several grammatical errors and spelling errors, thankfully they are far enough from each other that the story doesn’t come to a screeching halt – so don’t let that sway your thoughts.

This novel is an EXCELLENT READ and does not require an in-depth knowledge of the Star Wars Universe in order to grasp what is happening. The author hits a home run with this story and you should definitely pick this up if you get the opportunity.

This is an excellent voyage into the uncharted reaches of the Pre-Clone Wars Galactic Empire.


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