The Best Book Review Outbound Flight Part 1


Title: Outbound Flight – Star Wars

Author: Timothy Zahn

Publish Date: 2007

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Jedi Knight, Galactic Alliance, Galactic Empire, Republic, Force, Dark Side, Light Saber, Blaster Coup, Alien Encounters, Droids, Space Travel, Spaceships, Hyperspace, Alternative Civilizations, Light speed, Emperors, Religion, Rebellion, Alien Worlds, Smugglers, Murder, Armed Conflict, Treason, Spies, Assassination, Sith Lords, Advanced Medical, Advanced Weapons, Advanced Technology, Space Exploration, Colony Ships, Colonization, Gravity Well Generator

Plot Summary:

A far-reaching plan has been developed into a mission to explore beyond the edges of the known galaxy and create colonies on any habitable worlds they discover on their trek. With the ongoing power struggles within the governmental ranks, getting funding to complete the project becomes a matter of urgency for Jedi Master C’baoth as the threat of cancellation looms in the near future.

In a bid to get the mission back on track, C’boath volunteers for a high profile mission to mediate a conflict in a border system. Together with his Padawan learner, Lorane Jinzier, he completes the mission thus gaining leverage to get the Outbound Flight project fully funded and a sizable number of Jedi as part of the crew.

As the mission embarks, Darth Sidius moves forward with his own plans to rid the galaxy of the Outbound Flight and Jedi Master C’baoth. Meanwhile, a short distance into uncharted space, Outbound Flight runs in the Chiss Ascendancy, an unknown race with a master strategist in command.

Caught unprepared for a battle on multiple fronts, Outbound Flight is in dire straits. Even with the advanced Jedi techniques C’baoth has been training the Jedi to use for defense, it is not certain what the outcome will be.

When a third, also unknown fleet arrives on the battle scene, the outlook for Outbound Flight dims even more.


In the times leading up to the Clone Wars, the Empire is blossoming its ranks with citizens overpopulating their planets. This explosion is responsible for causing strife and anger at the Galactic government for not meeting even their basic needs for freedom and prosperity.

In an attempt to alleviate the issues, a plan to explore unknown space is devised. The idea is to locate additional habitable planets as they progress through the unknown, depositing colonists and a few Jedi to support each of the new colonies.

The preparations were taking so long that the Imperial Senate reduced funding significantly, threatening to end the project altogether.


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