Portraits of Guilt by Jeanne Boylan

Boylan relied on us to give her the foundation for her work and my predecessor’s findings of three decades now, but those of us doing the empirical research have to rely on people like her to deliver our findings to the point of practical application in the police world. She can be the go-between from our world to inside real life criminal investigations. So, I decided to write my admission essay for you to reveal the features of the book.

Overall, Portraits of Guilt is a great book, great ‘on the mark’ insights into crime victim memory and some lessons in Boylan’s stories that had better be paid attention to before we lose more lives such as Polly Klaas. (Her book is dedicated to the Klaas girl’s memory.)

I give this book a five star rating for it’s general level of readability and for her stunning insights into trauma victim memory malleability, but Miss Boylan, if you write a second book, and I hope you do, next time, take the gloves off and try to come out swinging.

Book Review: O Magazine was right

Rating: 5 stars

Oprah was right. This is a story of a strong woman in a corrupt world who still possesses the idealism to fight back. I found the book to be well written and a very enlightening read. I am ordering several copies for my nieces to read. I think Jeanne Boylan is an excellent role model for teenagers.

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