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Writer`s Confidence In Text

You as the teacher will be able to you know give some valuable give some significant feedback to so and then also do what I try to incorporate into my writing classes is that you know the students are able to move together they’re able to talk about their writing in a comfortable way so usually I give them one question that they can use to talk about each other’s riding with and this these guiding questions help they help focus on you know making the writer proud about what they wrote and also the other people in the class feeling is though that they’ve given something important or significant to the other riders all right so here are some examples that I would give to the other students in the class to give feedback what part of your essay to your light looks easy question and give give the people working together.

Something significant to talk about and the writer to feel confident about what they wrote no one tell me more about some of the people in your name and I think this question is important because when we write especially a narrative we’re writing a story about about something that happened to us so we understand everything that happens there right but we don’t understand that the people reading our story works and that’s where that’s where some details could be left off and that’s where it’s important to get other people to help along with us why is the place where it happened important to you um you know once again if you want to you want to emphasize where it happened and why it’s important and what was your feeling during the climax so we talked about that high point the story it always when there’s that high point there’s a lot of emotions going on you’re sad you’re nervous you’re happened citing you’re anxious right and really getting someone else to try and draw these things out is very important all right.

It was the lesson learned so important because I think for me this is key to any narrative right you’re showing the events that happened but in the end you know what was important body and what did you learn from this experience alright so I don’t know how you approach this but i’m going to offer you one technique that I’ve been using for years that I think is really helpful for students in the revision stage I think when you’re getting students to revise or two right there sa again it’s really important to get them to focus on what’s important a lot of times you know you get students would just sit there like baby birds waiting for mom to come in to feed them right but what you really want to do is get them to learn themselves what they need to fix what they need to focus on so the revision is where i find it important to get the students to focus on their own right.

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Beware of Comfort Zone

When you hit a roadblock one you can turn around and crawl back into your comfort comfort zone and give up that is a big reason why a lot of people don’t achieve their goals and it’s a lot of reason why I think the numbers are 99 out of 100 new businesses fail within the first 10 years 99 out of 100 because people hit obstacles and they say ah I guess I’m not meant to do this I guess this isn’t my destiny this is really hard it must a message that I shouldn’t have this kind of goal or dream so you have that choice you can pick up your marbles and go home number two this is a very good option. Get out of your comfort zone and go to Edusson.

You can find ways around the barriers don’t give up I know assistants who spent two years trying to bring our training into their company they did not give up they hit an obstacle they went another route they hit an obstacle they went another rep they hit an obstacle they got someone else to help support their cause that is a very good option personally and professionally and number three as I said use them as learning experiences if you’re going to achieve the goals you set like I said personally or professionally you’re going to hit obstacles it’s a given but that’s your chance to grow and learn and meet new people and it’s awesome.

So I hope you know that you will really take heart to these things because it’s really if I had to sum up everything about actual izing your professional goals and I’m not done yet we have another page it’s about staying power the person who wins the race is the person who has the staying power who can keep running even when their legs feel like they’re going to give up from under them so let’s look at the last page on page four I’ve certainly been there help I’m not motivated I’m just not motivated to do this so this is where discipline and commitment will come in they’re going to be here too when you’re not motivated and in the reaching stardom book this is on page 28 and 29 so you can go back and read all the details but with discipline it’s you have to discipline yourself to do the hard work when I first started off as dynamics.

It was really hard no one wanted to spend money on training for their assistants 25 years ago it was a struggle and it would have been easy to just say forget this I’m gonna go back and I’m just gonna be a great executive assistant and not worry about this but I did the hard work I put in the time I did my homework I kept going out there every day and that was discipline and I want to read you one little short item from the workbook so how can you build your discipline just very short here’s a little idea think of something you could do in a short period of time just like 15 minutes.

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Portraits of Guilt by Jeanne Boylan

Boylan relied on us to give her the foundation for her work and my predecessor’s findings of three decades now, but those of us doing the empirical research have to rely on people like her to deliver our findings to the point of practical application in the police world. She can be the go-between from our world to inside real life criminal investigations. So, I decided to write my admission essay for you to reveal the features of the book.

Overall, Portraits of Guilt is a great book, great ‘on the mark’ insights into crime victim memory and some lessons in Boylan’s stories that had better be paid attention to before we lose more lives such as Polly Klaas. (Her book is dedicated to the Klaas girl’s memory.)

I give this book a five star rating for it’s general level of readability and for her stunning insights into trauma victim memory malleability, but Miss Boylan, if you write a second book, and I hope you do, next time, take the gloves off and try to come out swinging.

Book Review: O Magazine was right

Rating: 5 stars

Oprah was right. This is a story of a strong woman in a corrupt world who still possesses the idealism to fight back. I found the book to be well written and a very enlightening read. I am ordering several copies for my nieces to read. I think Jeanne Boylan is an excellent role model for teenagers.

So, that is it for today’s article. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked it. If you did, and even if you did not, please share your opinion the the comments section below. I am very interested in what you have to say, it helps me to make my blog a bit better every day. I also hope you are interested in this information and will find it useful. If you have any suggestions or questions please also leave them in the comments section below. I am reading all of your  comments and taking them into consideration. Thank you and have an great day!

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All You Need to Know About Speaker for the Dead Part 3

Unlike what some other authors do when using the theory of relativity in their stories, this author doesn’t use it as a crutch, but rather uses it as a means to pass time between events. He uses common reference points to allow the reader to understand how it applies to the characters.

Ender’s special ‘package’ is somewhat of a mystery as you are reading, and where he got it does cross your mind more often than you might think, especially once you understand the package. It seems to us like we need to go back and read the previous novel in the series, “Ender’s Game”, to get our answers.

Overall, this is a good read with a unique perspective into how many might cope with other intelligent species of beings once we finally encounter them…


The environments that are depicted in the novel are described well, and you are able to easily envision and relate to them.

The core characters are dealt with very realistically and are given personalities by the author’s use of interactions with other components of the storyline.

The piggies are a sentient race, and although you clearly ‘see’ them as piglets in your mind’s eye, you are able to give them the intelligence that the author is trying to convey without any difficulty.

The author dips into the theory of relativity and applies it in several of the plotlines. He does a good job explaining how it affects the people and passage of time within the character’s frame of reference.


Where or how Ender obtained the ‘package’ that he has with him wherever he travels is not explained to us leaving a question mark about it as you are reading. We must assume he must have somehow ‘rescued’ it in a previous novel, but some sort of reference to the ‘rescue’ would have certainly been helpful.

There is some disconnect when trying to picture an organic life form that dies, and then resurrects as a tree. It was explained as one of three stages of life, but it was still not all that convincing. We’re still not sure that an animal can morph into a plant after death.

A marriage occurs in the novel, on a colony that has a Catholic charter. The marriage isn’t so odd, but the woman that is getting married had been cheating on her husband for over ten years, had children by her lover, and was recently widowed. Oh, and did we mention it seems that no one really cared about it. ‘Nuf said.


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All You Need to Know About Speaker for the Dead Part 2

It wasn’t until afterward that it was discovered that the Buggers weren’t trying to kill off mankind. That caused the man responsible for the xenocide to be chastised and scorned throughout the known galaxy.

A book was subsequently written on behalf of the lost race and it served as a lesson when a new species of sentients were discovered. Man isolated the pig-like beings away from the human settlement with electric fences and forbade any prolonged contacts and limited exchanges of knowledge.

Pipo, the original lead investigator, befriended several of the ‘piggies’ and they learned from each other. One day that was no different than any other day, he went out for a meeting with the piggies and didn’t return. His body was found hours later by searchers, splayed out and staked on the ground, dissected and apparently murdered.

News went out from the planet via an instantaneous communications network to all of the colonized worlds, and an uproar ensued. Why did it happen? What did he do?

No answers were uncovered, and meetings between the two species were even further restricted.

And through all of this, it was still unclear as to why on that planet there were so few species of anything. A couple flying creatures, a couple on land, and a couple varieties of plants… It was as big a mystery as the piggies were.

Years go by and Pipo’s son comes up missing as well, and is found dead, killed the same way his father had been. Even more restrictions went down and revenge was called for.

A call went out eventually, asking for a ‘Speaker’ to come to the planet and speak for the deceased researcher. Ender received the call and went forth to answer it. He also took with him a special ‘package’. That package was always with him wherever he went. He was looking for the right place to leave it.

“Will this new place be right for me?”

“I don’t know,” responded Ender. “But we’ll find out together…”


The premise that someone that speaks for the dead and clears up any confusion in the deceased person’s life, makes for an interesting topic that caught the reviewer’s attention, and thus led to this review.

To see how profound an impact that the truth of one’s life can have on an entire community as well as the family and friends that were directly touched by the dead person, was enlightening and all too believable.

The storyline flowed smoothly, and built on the concept effectively with concise, well-thought writing. At times, you are inclined to postpone other obligations to get to one of the rare stopping points in the ebb and tide of the main plot.


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All You Need to Know About Speaker for the Dead Part 1


Title: Speaker for the Dead

Author: Orson Scott Card

Publish Date: 1986

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Space Travel, Spaceships, Mutations, Genetics, Alien Encounters, Genocide, Alien Worlds, Romance, Advanced Technology, Relativity, Religion, Xenobiology, Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Computers

Plot Summary:

Ender Wiggin ended a war with mankind’s only other known enemy, the Buggers. It wasn’t so much that he ended it that made him famous, but the way he did it. And then he vanished from the sight of humanity, most believing it was because he was so distraught over what he had done.

As the years have passed, the details have become a bit foggy, but the effect is still quite clear. He exterminated the entire race of intelligent beings – pure xenocide.

After an act such as that, where would one go?

For Ender, it was taking up a new way of life. Going from planet to planet, seeking out other dead to speak of their lives. He speaks only the truth about them, good or bad. It clears up any doubts or wonder for the living. And because of that, others have taken up the cause and it has become an order; Speakers for the Dead.

Ender has a secret goal that guides his travels between worlds, and his sister that is his staunchest supporter, is his constant companion. With an earpiece, he is able to communicate with another of his supporters, an intelligence embedded in computer programming that guides him in his travels at, or faster than, the speed of light.

In his over three hundred years of life, due to relativity of course, he has met many people, only to have them die of old age as he only ages a scant few months.

And now a new race of beings has been discovered on a backwater planet. They’re being studied by the humans and contact is severely limited between the two species. Then, without any kind of warning, a cry goes up through the myriad of occupied planets that one of the researchers has been murdered by the little aliens.

And now Ender has been called to speak for the dead man…


Three hundred years ago, mankind completely obliterated an entire species of sentient life called ‘Buggers’. The Buggers, as their name implies, were a race of creatures that looked like bugs.

By sheer accident, a conflict arose when man thought that the Buggers were attacking and had begun a war. One man took control of the battle and devised a way to end it… permanently. He exterminated the entire species completely.


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The Best Book Review Outbound Flight Part 3


The action is fast-paced and non-stop, drawing you in with well-written and descriptive details that make the scenes come to life. The attention to the minor specifics of a space battle are enough to give the reader a clear image of the immense size of the craft and space involved.

The author presents the primary characters to the reader as if it was the first time that they are introduced, with attention given to their relative size and power. Using comparisons to other characters or forces, the reader is able to picture what the characters might look like – giving them ‘life’.

With each new technology that is introduced, the author generally provides just enough related science, explained in just enough detail to allow the newly added device or creation a believable existence.

The novel easily stands alone without the rest of the Star Wars Universe to back it up since the author created this work with a definite beginning, middle, and conclusion – with just enough of a question as to whether or not there might be a sequel to clear up the twists at the end.


Overall, the editing for the novel is generally good, however the number of spelling and grammatical errors exceed the maximum we allow per review without commenting on them. Although there were less than ten errors we found, a couple of them occurred at critical moments that caused the story to stutter a bit.

At one point it is explained that Jedi Padawan must meet a certain criteria to be advanced to the rank of Jedi Knight. Furthermore, it is also clarified that the Jedi Council holds that to be a very strict rule.

But for some reason, the council allows C’baoth’s Padawan to be ranked years ahead of time, based on observations made by Obi-Wan prior to the promotion. Even with the big ‘accomplishment’ that Padawan Jinzier is involved in, the promotion seemed to push our envelope of, ah, believability.

During a big space battle where many Jedi are mind-linked together, it is hard to believe that the Jedi would not be able to detect or do anything to prevent a major attack on their position. This event was of particular concern since the leading role Jedi, Master Jorus C’baoth, is portrayed as being omnipotent and able to sense danger readily, ‘handling’ multiple events with very little effort.


94 % Editor’s Choice


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The Best Book Review Outbound Flight Part 2

In a bid to recover the project and see it through to completion, Jedi Master C’baoth makes a deal with the Supreme Chancellor to mediate bogged down negotiations between the Corporate Alliance and the local government of Barlok. Upon the successful resolution of those negotiations, Chancellor Palpatine promises to do everything in his power to get Outbound Flight back on track.

While C’baoth negotiates, Darth Sidius is busy setting his forces in place to rid the galaxy of Outbound Flight and Master C’baoth at the same time. A fleet is dispatched to intercept the flight with orders to leave no witnesses.

But unknown to Darth Sidius, there are other civilizations within the unknown expanses and his fleet is intercepted instead. When Outbound Flight arrives on scene, hundreds of spaceships from multiple fleets are there, confounding the severely outnumbered Jedi defenders.

The enemy fleet’s guns are trained on the Jedi craft and as the bolts leap from one side of the battlefield to the other, it is not all clear which side has the upper hand. But when the Jedi weapons emplacements begin exploding, each Jedi can feel the deaths of their comrades.

And death comes to those that wait in sorrow…


This novel is incredibly hard to put down, and there are very few points where you are even able to take a ‘natural’ break from the action. All of the events taking place are packed in solidly with very limited transition time. The best part of that is that even when the author changes perspectives or moves to a different sub-plot, it is very clear ‘where’ you are, whether on a planet, a ship, or in someone’s thoughts.

The imagery provided by the author brings the people, places, and things all to life. Where new items are introduced, they are adequately backed up by enough of a background or description to make them realistic.

Although there are several grammatical errors and spelling errors, thankfully they are far enough from each other that the story doesn’t come to a screeching halt – so don’t let that sway your thoughts.

This novel is an EXCELLENT READ and does not require an in-depth knowledge of the Star Wars Universe in order to grasp what is happening. The author hits a home run with this story and you should definitely pick this up if you get the opportunity.

This is an excellent voyage into the uncharted reaches of the Pre-Clone Wars Galactic Empire.


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The Best Book Review Outbound Flight Part 1


Title: Outbound Flight – Star Wars

Author: Timothy Zahn

Publish Date: 2007

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Jedi Knight, Galactic Alliance, Galactic Empire, Republic, Force, Dark Side, Light Saber, Blaster Coup, Alien Encounters, Droids, Space Travel, Spaceships, Hyperspace, Alternative Civilizations, Light speed, Emperors, Religion, Rebellion, Alien Worlds, Smugglers, Murder, Armed Conflict, Treason, Spies, Assassination, Sith Lords, Advanced Medical, Advanced Weapons, Advanced Technology, Space Exploration, Colony Ships, Colonization, Gravity Well Generator

Plot Summary:

A far-reaching plan has been developed into a mission to explore beyond the edges of the known galaxy and create colonies on any habitable worlds they discover on their trek. With the ongoing power struggles within the governmental ranks, getting funding to complete the project becomes a matter of urgency for Jedi Master C’baoth as the threat of cancellation looms in the near future.

In a bid to get the mission back on track, C’boath volunteers for a high profile mission to mediate a conflict in a border system. Together with his Padawan learner, Lorane Jinzier, he completes the mission thus gaining leverage to get the Outbound Flight project fully funded and a sizable number of Jedi as part of the crew.

As the mission embarks, Darth Sidius moves forward with his own plans to rid the galaxy of the Outbound Flight and Jedi Master C’baoth. Meanwhile, a short distance into uncharted space, Outbound Flight runs in the Chiss Ascendancy, an unknown race with a master strategist in command.

Caught unprepared for a battle on multiple fronts, Outbound Flight is in dire straits. Even with the advanced Jedi techniques C’baoth has been training the Jedi to use for defense, it is not certain what the outcome will be.

When a third, also unknown fleet arrives on the battle scene, the outlook for Outbound Flight dims even more.


In the times leading up to the Clone Wars, the Empire is blossoming its ranks with citizens overpopulating their planets. This explosion is responsible for causing strife and anger at the Galactic government for not meeting even their basic needs for freedom and prosperity.

In an attempt to alleviate the issues, a plan to explore unknown space is devised. The idea is to locate additional habitable planets as they progress through the unknown, depositing colonists and a few Jedi to support each of the new colonies.

The preparations were taking so long that the Imperial Senate reduced funding significantly, threatening to end the project altogether.


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