Beware of Comfort Zone

When you hit a roadblock one you can turn around and crawl back into your comfort comfort zone and give up that is a big reason why a lot of people don’t achieve their goals and it’s a lot of reason why I think the numbers are 99 out of 100 new businesses fail within the first 10 years 99 out of 100 because people hit obstacles and they say ah I guess I’m not meant to do this I guess this isn’t my destiny this is really hard it must a message that I shouldn’t have this kind of goal or dream so you have that choice you can pick up your marbles and go home number two this is a very good option. Get out of your comfort zone and go to Edusson.

You can find ways around the barriers don’t give up I know assistants who spent two years trying to bring our training into their company they did not give up they hit an obstacle they went another route they hit an obstacle they went another rep they hit an obstacle they got someone else to help support their cause that is a very good option personally and professionally and number three as I said use them as learning experiences if you’re going to achieve the goals you set like I said personally or professionally you’re going to hit obstacles it’s a given but that’s your chance to grow and learn and meet new people and it’s awesome.

So I hope you know that you will really take heart to these things because it’s really if I had to sum up everything about actual izing your professional goals and I’m not done yet we have another page it’s about staying power the person who wins the race is the person who has the staying power who can keep running even when their legs feel like they’re going to give up from under them so let’s look at the last page on page four I’ve certainly been there help I’m not motivated I’m just not motivated to do this so this is where discipline and commitment will come in they’re going to be here too when you’re not motivated and in the reaching stardom book this is on page 28 and 29 so you can go back and read all the details but with discipline it’s you have to discipline yourself to do the hard work when I first started off as dynamics.

It was really hard no one wanted to spend money on training for their assistants 25 years ago it was a struggle and it would have been easy to just say forget this I’m gonna go back and I’m just gonna be a great executive assistant and not worry about this but I did the hard work I put in the time I did my homework I kept going out there every day and that was discipline and I want to read you one little short item from the workbook so how can you build your discipline just very short here’s a little idea think of something you could do in a short period of time just like 15 minutes.

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