All You Need to Know About Speaker for the Dead Part 2

It wasn’t until afterward that it was discovered that the Buggers weren’t trying to kill off mankind. That caused the man responsible for the xenocide to be chastised and scorned throughout the known galaxy.

A book was subsequently written on behalf of the lost race and it served as a lesson when a new species of sentients were discovered. Man isolated the pig-like beings away from the human settlement with electric fences and forbade any prolonged contacts and limited exchanges of knowledge.

Pipo, the original lead investigator, befriended several of the ‘piggies’ and they learned from each other. One day that was no different than any other day, he went out for a meeting with the piggies and didn’t return. His body was found hours later by searchers, splayed out and staked on the ground, dissected and apparently murdered.

News went out from the planet via an instantaneous communications network to all of the colonized worlds, and an uproar ensued. Why did it happen? What did he do?

No answers were uncovered, and meetings between the two species were even further restricted.

And through all of this, it was still unclear as to why on that planet there were so few species of anything. A couple flying creatures, a couple on land, and a couple varieties of plants… It was as big a mystery as the piggies were.

Years go by and Pipo’s son comes up missing as well, and is found dead, killed the same way his father had been. Even more restrictions went down and revenge was called for.

A call went out eventually, asking for a ‘Speaker’ to come to the planet and speak for the deceased researcher. Ender received the call and went forth to answer it. He also took with him a special ‘package’. That package was always with him wherever he went. He was looking for the right place to leave it.

“Will this new place be right for me?”

“I don’t know,” responded Ender. “But we’ll find out together…”


The premise that someone that speaks for the dead and clears up any confusion in the deceased person’s life, makes for an interesting topic that caught the reviewer’s attention, and thus led to this review.

To see how profound an impact that the truth of one’s life can have on an entire community as well as the family and friends that were directly touched by the dead person, was enlightening and all too believable.

The storyline flowed smoothly, and built on the concept effectively with concise, well-thought writing. At times, you are inclined to postpone other obligations to get to one of the rare stopping points in the ebb and tide of the main plot.


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