All You Need to Know About Speaker for the Dead Part 1


Title: Speaker for the Dead

Author: Orson Scott Card

Publish Date: 1986

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Space Travel, Spaceships, Mutations, Genetics, Alien Encounters, Genocide, Alien Worlds, Romance, Advanced Technology, Relativity, Religion, Xenobiology, Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Computers

Plot Summary:

Ender Wiggin ended a war with mankind’s only other known enemy, the Buggers. It wasn’t so much that he ended it that made him famous, but the way he did it. And then he vanished from the sight of humanity, most believing it was because he was so distraught over what he had done.

As the years have passed, the details have become a bit foggy, but the effect is still quite clear. He exterminated the entire race of intelligent beings – pure xenocide.

After an act such as that, where would one go?

For Ender, it was taking up a new way of life. Going from planet to planet, seeking out other dead to speak of their lives. He speaks only the truth about them, good or bad. It clears up any doubts or wonder for the living. And because of that, others have taken up the cause and it has become an order; Speakers for the Dead.

Ender has a secret goal that guides his travels between worlds, and his sister that is his staunchest supporter, is his constant companion. With an earpiece, he is able to communicate with another of his supporters, an intelligence embedded in computer programming that guides him in his travels at, or faster than, the speed of light.

In his over three hundred years of life, due to relativity of course, he has met many people, only to have them die of old age as he only ages a scant few months.

And now a new race of beings has been discovered on a backwater planet. They’re being studied by the humans and contact is severely limited between the two species. Then, without any kind of warning, a cry goes up through the myriad of occupied planets that one of the researchers has been murdered by the little aliens.

And now Ender has been called to speak for the dead man…


Three hundred years ago, mankind completely obliterated an entire species of sentient life called ‘Buggers’. The Buggers, as their name implies, were a race of creatures that looked like bugs.

By sheer accident, a conflict arose when man thought that the Buggers were attacking and had begun a war. One man took control of the battle and devised a way to end it… permanently. He exterminated the entire species completely.


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